From June 2014

A&W Dinner Fundraiser

This is a bit late but I almost forgot to mention.  The lodge teamed up with the Grand Ledge A&W in April to hold a fundraiser for the Lansing Food Bank.  We did the advertising and A&W did the cooking.  All it took was people to come in and order a spaghetti dinner and they would contribute some money toward our charity.

After it was done we raised around $300 to go toward the Lansing Food Bank.  A big thanks to all of you out there that may have stopped in to support this cause.  We plan on doing more of this in the future so stay tuned to go and have a dinner for charity.

Yankee Doodle Days 2014

Another year is in the books for Grand Ledge Yankee Doodle Days and for us at the Masonic Lodge in Grand Ledge.  For the past few years we have been asked to provide the food at the beer tent here in town.  So as usual we set up our booth in the back of the tent to food for the hungry patrons.

Two hogs tied down in the aircraft.
Two hogs tied down in the aircraft.

When Pigs Fly

A very interested bit of information is that we actually flew these pigs in.  Wait for it….so I guess you can now say pigs have flown.

This year we did something a bit different.  We decided we would try and roast a pig and that we did.  Our brother Jeff spearheaded that big task and spent most of the night cooking it.  They put it on the roaster at around 10pm on Friday and Saturday at 11am it was ready for eating.

Brother Jeff AKA the Grill master
Brother Jeff AKA the Grill master

So during the parade we started to cut it up and prepare it for the many people that lined up to take part in eating it.  There were times when I looked over and there must have been at least 20 people in line.  A big thanks to brother Ed for keeping Jeff company and assisting him all night at the grill.

14 - 5I don’t have the numbers for this years festivities but from the way the sales were going I think overall it was a big success.  The rain held off and it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot, making it pleasant to be one of the workers.  I want to again thank all of the workers that helped out this year.  A big thanks to all of the committees that worked on this for us.

14 - 2 14 - 4 14 - 1

Masonic Lodge and Star Work Together

Well we finally did it. The lodge and star had our first pasty dinner together. As the lodge we needed more worker and the star was looking for a fundraiser. I can only say from my point of view from being in the kitchen, it ran so much smoother this time. I think this is the start of a great thing. One thing that I noticed right from the get go was showing up to build pasties Friday and the hall was already set up for the dinner, something that we would normally have to do once the pasties were made. It wasn’t one of our biggest turn outs but we continue to grow with each dinner.

We built over 334 pasties due to Yankee Doodle Days this weekend and we were basically out of frozen pasties. A huge thanks to Mike, Steve, Bob and Kevin as well as all of the Star members that came out to work the dinner. The day wouldn’t have been a success with out you.

Brother Kevin keeps working out products that seem to have started to streamline our process. We will be “dark”, or otherwise won’t be having dinners for the next two months, but if you would like frozen pasties let us know and we can get you some. $10 a box and that is for two 1 lb pasties.